Cleaning your swimming pool regularly is the first step in proper pool care whether you have a chlorine pool or a salt water pool. We recommend thoroughly cleaning your pool on a weekly basis to ensure clean, safe swimming water especially during the summer months of high activity.

With our quality team of experts who specialize in cleaning your pool we can guarantee that your pool will be the envy of the neighborhood. We work closely with our clients and their budgets to establish the proper pool cleaning service for their needs.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Pool cleaners stuart jensen beach palm city floridaPool Cleaning – we offer full service weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning that includes the follow:

  • Net skimming the surface and bottom to remove leaves, debris and insects before staining or clogging filter.
  • Check and brush clean waterline tile to remove dirt lines, suntan oils and to prevent buildup.
  • Brush corners, steps and walls to loosen dirt and light debris to be vacuumed out.
  • Vacuum entire pool bottom as needed.
  • Clean skimmers to remove debris.
  • Check water circulation including the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains and filter.
  • Check filter to screen out debris and particles.
  • Check the water chemistry and log.
  • Water balance chemical check and add liquid chlorine, muriatic acid as needed.
  • Visual inspection of pumps, backwash filters and heaters for potential problems and advise if needed.


Green, Mustard & Black Algae Removal

If your pool has been neglected or perhaps you closed on a foreclosure home that needs a one-time deep pool cleaning here is what we can do for you. Green Pool (algae) is where sometimes a pool is so green you can’t even see the bottom. Algae growth this out of control can become impossible to control with regular pool cleaning methods.

Whether the algae is just starting to grow or has grown so much that you can no longer even see the bottom of the pool, it’s most likely time for an pool drain and a chlorine or acid wash. Please call us to go over the specifics of each and what is best for your situation.

During this time, we can also replace your pump, if necessary.

Phosphates Removal

A pool high in phosphates can encourage algae to grow in your pool thus causing “green pool” and other issues.  Phosphates can be tested for and removed before causing algae growth. How do phosphates get in your pool or spa?  Contaminants like makeup, lotions, shampoos, dirt, leaves, and other pool chemicals like scale and stain products account for the majority of the phosphates in your pool. We can remove excess phosphates from your pool or spa before they cause additional expense for removing green, yellow or black algae.

Pool Tile Cleaning – Calcium Removal for Pools and Spas

Sometimes your tiles may need a deep, but gentle cleaning. Our pool Tile Cleaning service will clean your tiles and remove buildup calcium deposits from pool tile, rocks, and water fall features that has accumulated on the surfaces. Our pool cleaners can pressure wash away years of neglect, dirt and deposits to reveal clean surfaces beneath and bring back the vibrant colors of your pool tile.


Call us today to discuss any pool cleaning services you may need.

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