Shaka Pool and Spa Cleaning can perform equipment repair and replacement or upgrades
as needed in all types of inground swimming pools and spas in Martin County.

Quotes over the phone or through our contact form are for a standard replacement installation.

Special circumstances or to diagnose an issue may require us to perform a service call to evaluate your pool or spa and make an appropriate quote to fit your needs. Most of our pool repair service calls to Martin County homeowners are $99 for a diagnosis.

Standard Pool Equipment Repairs

For Martin County residents we provide diagnosis and repair of all common pool equipment items including:

  • 💧  Auto Fill Systems
  • 💧  Cartridges
  • 💧  Drains
  • 💧  Filters
  • 💧  Gaskets
  • 💧  Heaters
  • 💧  Impellers
  • 💧  Lighting
  • 💧  Pumps
  • 💧  Motors
  • 💧  Salt Systems
  • 💧  Skimmers
  • 💧  Timers
  • 💧  Vacuums

Pool Equipment Replacements & Upgrades

Pumps:💧   We can install energy efficient pumps to help you save on your utilities. We can also check to see if optimizing your pump's settings would be better paired to your filter and water features.

Filters:💧 We can upgrade you to the latest filtration methods such as a hybrid filter. A better filter can allow you to run your equipment for less time, saving on electricity.

Sweeps or Cleaners:💧 We can upgrade or replace your worn out cleaner and make sure it is properly installed and fitted for your pool. This can make all the difference in its performance. We also can help you convert a suction sweep to a pressure sweep such as a Polaris.

Equipment Sets:💧 We can install a new pad and set of equipment to upgrade your circulation and filtration to the performance and electrical efficiency of a new swimming pool.

Ozonators:💧 Martin County pool owners can now go virtually chlorine free with an ozonator. We recommend ozonators over a salt system or choosing a saltwater pool unless you just love the way the saltwater feels and that is worth the salt water system trade-offs to you.

Saltwater Systems:💧 We can install the latest in saltwater systems. Very popular on the Treasure Coast! This includes systems that clean themselves (very helpful for prolonging life and efficiency) through reverse osmosis and can be controlled via a computerized control system.