Pool Maintenance Stuart Jensen Beach Palm City FLPools don’t take care of themselves. If you don’t maintain your pool properly, you could cut the lifespan and enjoyment from it right in half. For instance, if you don’t take care of your pool for 2 – 3 weeks it will turn green and that green can be more than just algae and bacteria. Besides, algae can produce terrible stains that are hard to get rid of and then power washing may have to be a next step.

Another point for regular pool maintenance is that each time we get heavy rains (and you know we do) the chemical balance of your pool is completely thrown off. Today our rain is very acid from pollution and that can affect the pH and alkalinity levels in your pool. You should always test the water as soon as possible after it rains, so you will know what adjustments should be made to restore the balance if necessary.

And let’s take the sun….  A sunny pool is fun to play in, but chlorine, which keeps your pool from turning green, can quickly dissipate in direct sunlight in just a few days. Even algae grows a lot more in hot sunny weather than cooler weather and needs to be prevented as well.

Also, pool pumps need to be checked regularly to ensure they are not consuming high amounts of energy and driving your bill up; and even salt water pools need to be regularly checked for pH balance and for corrosion of parts.

As you can see, having a regular pool maintenance service will keep your pool running at its optimum level so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

We provide top quality swimming pool and spa maintenance for all sizes of residential, commercial or community swimming pools. Whether you have a chlorine pool or salt water pool or spa we can keep your pool in top shape and excellent working condition throughout the year. Don’t let a minor pool maintenance issue turn into a large repair down the road, call Shaka Pool and Spa Cleaning today for a free estimate.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems it may be time to have your pool serviced:

  • Increased amount of swimmer activity
  • Murky water
  • Foul odor coming from your pool
  • Visible algae growth
  • Extreme hot temperatures
  • Heavy rain

Pool Maintenance Service – Weekly and Monthly

  • Professional Pool Cleaning
  • Weekly & Monthly Service
  • Chlorine and Salt Water Pools
  • Checking and Chemical Balancing
  • pH and Alkaline Check
  • Cleaning and Replacement of Pumps, Filters & Heaters
  • Pressure Washing and Acid Washes
  • Equipment Check
  • Algae Prevention Treatment
  • Pool Inspections

Don’t let an unmaintained pool lessen your enjoyment and lower the value of your home. We are here to help!

Contact us today for a free estimate along with a free pool inspection.

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